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Water is a valuable resource, yet we often take it for granted. Use less water and reduce the cost of your water bill, reduce your energy bills and show your organisation cares about the environment. Using less water will also ensure there’s plenty for all of us including new housing and commercial developments.

The water audit survey

In Dublin city non-domestic customers that consume more than 5,000 litres of water per day are considered large consumers. In accordance with the Bye-Laws for the Management of Water Services and the Conservation of Drinking Water 2003 all large consumers must submit an annual water audit to Dublin City Council’s Water Services Division. Completing the online Water Audit Survey will fulfil these obligations. Prior to completing the survey it is necessary to familiarise yourself with the relevant definitions  used on the survey form.

How do I know if I am a large consumer?

Dublin City Council will be in contact with all large consumers in the City. We will provide you with logon details required to complete the Water Audit Survey.

Click on the Water Audit Survey Tab to complete the Survey.

Water charges

Water is supplied free of charge to domestic householders. However metered charges are applied to all non-domestic users for the supply and discharge of water into the public drainage system.

In 2009 the charge per cubic metre (1000 litres) of water is €1.64

By reducing the volume of water used you will also reduce the cost of your water bill.


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